1. General construction
  2. Building management
  3. Renovation business

Sawada Construction Co., Ltd

For 50 years, we have been serving our home city of Handa by safeguarding the assets of local landowners and supporting stable management operations.

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Construction Property management Renovations and repairs Clients

Business overview

Sawada Construction is guided by two key concepts.

The first is local commitment The second is planning and development expertise.

Our company was born and raised in Handa, so we know it inside and out.
Our deep knowledge of the area is what allows us to build such dependable structures as well as create next-generation structures powered by the innovative technological ideas that come from our extensive experience.
Through our work, we aim to make a positive contribution to all areas of society.

Construction Property management Renovations and repairs Clients
  1. Construction business

    From high-rise residential buildings to hotels, factories, offices,
    commercial buildings, or government and other public facilities,
    we provide low-cost, quality construction backed by the latest technologies.

  2. Property management business

    From planning to property management, we maximize client profits every step of the way.

  3. Renovation and repair business

    Our after-construction maintenance business offers regular building inspections, renovations, and careful repairs, and more.

  1. Real estate leasing
  2. Sales business

From rentals to sales, we’ve got you covered in the real estate business! Leave it to the specialists in the ST-Net real estate division at Sawada Construction.

  1. Golf business

Practice golf courses with natural turf are just like the real thing, complete with lush green fairways!

  1. Fitness business

Take it easy. Take it slow.
Reward yourself with relaxation and fitness.

estyfitness club

Message from the president

The ST Life Group. Growing with communities. Creating inspiration.

Sawada Construction Co., Ltd. was established in 1960.

Our founder, Teiichi Sawada, came from the construction business. From the beginning, his goal was to provide high-quality construction services quickly, safely, and affordably by integrating the entire process from design to finishing work.

At the beginning of 1975, the company built on these founding principles by moving beyond simple construction and offer a new “Project Proposal Business” that included suggestions for utilizing idle land.

Sawada Construction also began concentrating on high-value-added construction projects that incorporated cutting-edge building techniques and additional management and operations services for high-rise residential buildings, single-family homes, roadside shops, business hotels, and a variety of other project proposal businesses.

Sawada Construction then teamed up with a number of related companies to create the ST Life Group, which offers integrated services that integrate physical and nonphysical infrastructure—in other words, going beyond the creation of physical structures to create experiences that maximize customer benefit. Projects include practice golf courses (Kamezaki ST Golf), fitness (Esty Fitness Club), domestic and overseas package deliveries (Pakmail Japan), home finder services (ST-Net), and more.

These are full turnkey service systems that support customers by creating profits for them.

The ST Life Group companies exist to provide added value to clients now and in the future by forging and deepening permanent customer relationships tailored to individual building lifestyles and extending from construction and property management to post-construction maintenance.

The ST Life Group wants to be permanently involved in the way customers live their lives, striving to be a corporate group that offers continual inspiration and growth.


  • Customers First

    We make the customer our priority in everything we do. Our entire group exists for their benefit.

  • Happy Employees

    Our employees are our greatest resource, and we want customers to love them. Our company grows when our employees grow.

  • Community Involvement

    As a grassroots company, we believe in being of service to others and strive to create shared value with our customers and our communities.
    We want to be a company that customers and communities want and need.

  • Ongoing Prosperity

    Ongoing prosperity is absolutely essential if we want to put customers first and have happy employees.

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